Karyn Parsons
Isaiah Washington
Eric Thal
Diego Serrano

Rating: R (MPAA)
Length: 1 hrs 33 min

Directed by: Alison Swan
Mixing Nia / Soundtrack

Synopsis: Nia (Parsons), a young professional working at an ad agency in New York City, becomes incensed and disillusioned with both her job and her lifestyle when she is asked to come up with an ad campaign aimed toward black youths for a new beer. Nia, whose mother is black, decides that she wants to write the "Great African-American" novel, only to realize that she has completely lost touch with that side of her heritage. So, she quits her job and attempts to get in touch with her African-American heritage, causing a culture clash that teaches her more than a few things about being black in America.

Distributor: Xenon Entertainment Group.